Accomplishment of punctual measures of environmental noise or of long duration, measured sonométricas before the opening activity for the obtaining of environmental licenses. Solutions to existing problems between troublesome activities and affected neighbors, measures of noise to evaluate such existing infrastructures as airports, naval ports or roads and industries.
Accomplishment of all the maps understood in the strategic map of noise for the fulfillment of the existing regulation as for noise: existing and future noise map, map of acoustic capacity, map of level overcoming of immisión sonorous and action plans mapa
Accomplishment of specific courses of acoustic formation and vibrations directed technical personnel of public administrations, agents of policeman, schools.
Course of methodology of measure of environmental noise and vibrations.
Course of methodology of measure of acoustic isolation.
Course of application of specific regulations.

Board 2002/49/CE, of June 25 on the evaluation and management, dazed national of the environmental noise for the Law 37/2003 of the Noise, of November 17 and developed by the RD 1513/2005 of December 16 and to Balearic level for the Law 1/2007 of March 16, against the acoustic pollution of the Balearic Islands.