The Acoustics Architectural study the phenomena linked with the suitable, faithful and functional spread of the sound inside an enclosure; already be in a room of concerts or in a recording studio: The rooms or cockpits dedicated to a certain application have to have acoustic qualities adapted to realize correctly the function that is expected from them.
  • Design of rooms of concerts, audiences, polyvalent rooms or recording studios; solutions to problems of acoustic conditioning inside bars or places of night leisure.
  • Conditioning of acoustic spaces (sets TV, radios, cinemas, classrooms of school, libraries).
  • Acoustic advice to architects of civil work (application of the CTE DB-HR, measured in situ to check the fulfillment of the maximum Time of Reverberation demanded and general fulfillment of the specified in the DB-HR).
  • Acoustic specific studies to satisfy the acoustic interior comfort of singular spaces or with deficiencies of intelligibility (EDT, RASTI, ecogramas), sonority, focusing of noise, echoes.
  • Adequacy of spaces to his acoustic singular needs.