NC Acoustic is a consultancy that was founded with the mission to advise and provide solutions to the problems of noise pollution, noise control and vibration and infrared thermography, in relation to current regulations and legislation in innovative and high technological quality.

The main objective is to ensure NC Acoustic concrete and viable solutions to any problems related to noise and / or vibration and thermal insulation in general. Directs its services primarily to: restaurants and entertainment venues, promoters of civil engineering, architects, industries, hotels, media companies, local authorities and the Island Council of Minorca.
The strengths of NC are mainly acoustic innovation, quality, professionalism and using the latest technologies available in the industry.

• Professionalism: The projects by qualified engineers with extensive experience in the field of acoustics and vibration.
• Quality: The most effective tool to ensure that our services meet the customer’s needs is the control and quality assurance.

The main advantage we offer is the ability to adapt to the client’s specific needs and offering solutions.