The incorporation of industrial processes fruit of the technological advance in numerous areas of the modern civilization, they have turned her into a noisy civilization.
The industrialization has a positive part for the company, since it has provided to numerously citizens, but also it has a negative aspect, since these workers are submitted to levels of noise during his labor day reducing of this form his health.
Before the presence of the industrial noise and his harmful effects on the health, a series of measures have been adopted by the aim to anticipate the labor risk.CONT R Y V 2 Design of acoustic solutions and vibrations for industrial machinery (systems of air conditioning, isolation of industrial machinery, control of noise for the workers, measured of anti-vibratory elements and anti-impacts), I design from solutions to problems of insulation acoustic in general. Design of isolation to air and structural present noise in the building.
Anti -vibratory solutions measured for every case especially Accomplishment of measures in situ and with own equipment according to the ISO regulation, concretely:
UNE-EN ISO 16283-1: (isolation of air noise between enclosures).
UNE-EN-ISO 140-7 (isolation to noise of impact).