On April 5 the Council of Ministers of the Government of Spain approved RD 235/2013 for approving the basic procedure for certification of energy efficiency of buildings. This Royal Decree establishes that any property that is put up for sale or lease, or advertises for such purposes, shall have an Energy Performance Certificate from June 1. This is a new procedure that determines the degree mandatory energy efficiency of a property, that is, the greater or lesser amount of energy that the property will meet requirements to sue for comfort. The property will be listed with the letters A, B, C, D, E, F and G (energy efficiency label) according to the result of the certification, granting the letter A (the highest rating) to buildings that use less energy .

Energy certification of a building calculated annual energy consumption needed to keep normal operating conditions and occupation. It takes into account the production of hot water, heating, cooling, ventilation and lighting. The certificate shall include recommendations for improving energy efficiency, which would improve the performance of the building in terms of energy. clip_NC-slide-CAT-1_phixr
The certification process ends with the issuance of a certificate and the assignment of an energy label. The certificate, which is valid for 10 years. The owner may proceed voluntarily updating if it considers that there are variations in aspects of the building that can change the energy performance certificate. The ultimate purpose is to provide consumers with information on the energy characteristics of buildings to enable them to evaluate and compare their performance to favor the promotion of energy-efficient buildings and energy saving investments. Clearly the properties with worse energy rating will be less attractive to the potential buyer or renter that those with a better grade. eitequeta ok













*Fees established as <<Resolution of November 7, 2013, of the Subsecretary, for which the applicable rates are approved by the State Company of Real-estate Management of Heritage, SA in the works relative to the certification and energetic audit of real estate.>>

*Consulte prices applicable to several units or housings in appraisal.